Monday, March 9, 2009

Champagne Brunch and Sunset Dinner Cruises on the San Francisco Bay!

Dragonfly Adventure Cruises San Francisco Bay Boat Cruises
Private Cruises Aboard 58' Luxury Sunseeker

Schedule Spring/Summer 2009: (Cruises Book Quickly / Reserve Your Trip Now)

Sunset Dinner Cruises -Weekends: 6 - 10 pm through November
Champagne Brunch Cruises - Sundays 10 - 2 pm through November
Pink Party - 1st Sunday's - Gay Day on Angel Island - 1st Sundays of each month through Nov.

Special Events and Holidays:
Mother's Day Champagne Brunch Cruise Sunday, May 10th
Opening Day on the Bay
Father's Day Sunday Champagne Brunch Cruise
Fourth of July -
Memorial Day
Easter Sunday
Birthday Cruise - Private Charters for 6 or more people!

Inquiries: Captain Allen Phillips
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